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Our Practice Areas

Labour and Employment Law

We have vast knowledge and experience in labour and employment-related issues as we have existing retainership as external solicitor and legal practitioner with educational institutions, media houses,  Banks and financial institutions and other associations where we handle drafting of all service contracts, memoranda of understanding, non-compete agreements, contractual documents etc.

Civil and Criminal Litigation

We represent clients in criminal and civil matters at the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, State and Federal High Courts and other Tribunals/adjudicatory Bodies particularly in relation to human rights enforcements and protection. We have achieved tremendous success through quick, efficient and timely handling and disposal of matters at the various Courts.

Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

We are actively involved in human rights litigation and abreast with issues and Laws on protection of human rights, Refugees, Migrants, Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), International Humanitarian Laws and modern best practices.

Commercial Law

We engage in the preparation and protection of various security documents for Banks, Debt Recovery, Formation of Companies, Privatization, Securities, Franchise Agreement, Negotiation, Employment and Services Agreement, Hotels and Resorts, Insurance and Banking Regulations, Joint Venture Agreements, Mergers, Take-over, and Acquisitions

Property/Real Estate

We manage properties for various clients including organizations and individuals. We help clients in assessing, buying and acquiring estate, plots of land and developed properties after diligent search.

Tax Law

We help clients handle taxation cases with success and have regularly represented clients before Federal and State tax authorities.

Arbitration, Mediation and Reconciliation

Our Arbitration practice include the following areas: Maritime, Property/Real Estate, Commercial Dispute, Aviation, Banking and Financial Sector, Insurance, Telecommunication, Power, Insurance and Construction.

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